Chesterfield County School District

New teacher meeting welcomes new employees to the district

 Approximately 30 are new to the profession and the remainder are new to the district. The veteran and first-year teachers were comprised of classroom teachers, media specialists, guidance counselors, and a speech therapist. and represented all school levels of elementary, middle and high.
Superintendent Dr. Harrison Goodwin, opened the session with the question, “What do you teach?” and most teachers naturally responded with the name of their subject area. He then rephrased the question and said, “Who do you teach?” He informed the new teachers that it is not enough to know and teach your subject area, but you must know and be able to teach your students. He also explained that Chesterfield County School District is all about students, and teachers should be the dream maker for these students. Teachers should exemplify passion, compassion, love, enthusiasm, dedication, collaboration and professionalism.
Goodwin welcomed each teacher and presented them with a Chesterfield County School District lapel pin that displays the district’s motto, “Excellence in Academics, Arts, and Athletics.” In a memo given to them, he reminded the group that as school district employees they need to be “unified, dedicated and working together to benefit all the students in Chesterfield County.”
Other topics covered at the orientation included curriculum, student services, technology, staff conduct & social media, certification, and the ADEPT process.
Founders Federal Credit Union sponsored a lunch for the group, which also allowed a time for administrators and educators to share information and get acquainted.  
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