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Chesterfield County School District Programs and Services

Chesterfield County School District serves approximately 7,367 students in seventeen schools. The district configuration includes two primary schools, seven elementary schools, three middle schools, four high schools and one alternative school. Of the seventeen schools, nine qualify for Title 1 funding. Students from throughout the district may participate in various programs such as special services and gifted and talented. The high school curriculum includes college prep, honors, AP, dual credit, and Career Technical Education (CTE). The middle school curriculum incorporates cooperative learning, whole language, and other traditional teaching strategies in all subject areas. A variety of exploratory courses are offered - keyboarding, art, music, instrumental band, physical education, and career exploration. Elementary School utilizes a variety of research-based curriculums and strategies to meet the needs of all students of varying ages and developmental levels. Teachers use effective strategies to deliver content mandated by the South Carolina state curriculum standards. Each grade level embraces a philosophy of moving students gradually from a very concrete, hands-on approach to more abstract ideas. A number of schools offer afterschool tutorial and supplemental programs throughout the county.


Chesterfield County Demographics and Community Description

Chesterfield County School District (CCSD) is located in the northeastern region of South Carolina near the North Carolina state line. According to the 2012 Census, Chesterfield County’s population is 46,103 with a racial composition of 64.9% White; 32.5% African American; 0.7% American Indian/Alaska Native; 0.4 % Asian; 1.6% Two or More Races, and 3.7% Hispanic or Latina. Chesterfield County covers a total of 805.7 square miles of which 799 square miles are land and 7.2 square miles are water with 58 residents per square mile as compared to the state population density average of 157.1 per square mile. The county is home to the Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge, located four miles north of McBee on U.S. Highway 1. The refuge encompasses 45,348 acres of the county. The county is comprised of 26% urban areas and 74% rural areas. A variety of industries are represented within the county providing employment. These industries include manufacturing 23.3%, education, health and social services 20.3% and retail trade 14.4%. Major employers in the county include Schaeffler Group USA, Inc. INA, Wal-Mart, Conbraco Industries, A.O. Smith Water Products, and G.M. Tucker Lumber Companies, LLC. Schaeffler Group USA, Inc. INA, a bearing manufacturer is currently the largest employer in the county with 1200 employees. The median household income is $ 31,279, with 24.5% of the population living below the poverty level which is above the state average poverty level of 17.6%. Of the adults 25 years or older within the county 25.1% have less that a high school diploma compared to the state average of 13.41%. Chesterfield is the county seat and has a population of 1,450, with a poverty level of 34.7%.


Chesterfield County School District Demographics

Chesterfield County School District serves the municipalities of Cheraw, Chesterfield, Jefferson, McBee, Mount Croghan, Pageland, Patrick and Ruby as well as the communities of Middendorf and Cash. The enrollment in Chesterfield County School District has fallen over the past five years from 8,040 in 2008 to 7,266 in 2013, resulting in a total loss of 774 students. CCSD currently provides services for exactly 7,367 students grades PreK-12 in seventeen schools:

Cheraw Primary School (CPS) – grades PK-2 enrollment of 542 students.

Petersburg Primary (PPS) – grades PK-2 enrollment of 452 students.

Cheraw Intermediate School (CIS) – grades 3-5 enrollment of 469 students.

Edwards Elementary School (EES) – grades PK-5 enrollment of 545.

Jefferson Elementary School (JES) – grades PK-5 enrollment of 350.

McBee Elementary School (MES) – grades PK-6 enrollment of 403.

Pageland Elementary School (PES) – grades 3-5 enrollment of 358.

Plainview Elementary School (PVE) – grades PK-6 enrollment of 189.

Ruby Elementary School (RES) – grades PK-5 enrollment of 283.

Chesterfield Ruby Middle School (CRMS) – grades 6-8 enrollment of 441. 

Long Middle School (LMS) – grades 6-8 enrollment of 540.

New Heights Middle School (NHMS) –grades 6-8 enrollment of 518.

McBee High School (MHS) –grades 7-12 enrollment of 501.

Central High School ( CNHS) – grades 9-12 enrollment of 607.

Cheraw High School (CHS) – grades 9-12 enrollment of 671.

Chesterfield High School (CFHS) – grades 9-12 enrollment of 498.

Palmetto Learning Center (PLC) – grades 6-12 alternative school.

The racial/ethnic configuration in CCSD is 53% White, 37.5% African American, 5% Hispanic/Latino, 4% Two or More Races and 0 .5% Asian. According to the South Carolina Department of Education the 2013 poverty index for Chesterfield County School District is 82.08 %, ranking 34th   in the state. Currently 72% of the students within the district qualify for subsidized meals. At this time there are 256 students identified as English for Speakers of Other Languages with the district. Ten percent are identified as Students with Disabilities.

Chesterfield County School District is one of the largest government employers within the county with over 1000 employees including 480 certified teachers. Approximately 66.3% of the classroom teachers hold advanced degrees and 99.2% are “highly qualified” according to South Carolina guidelines. According to the 2013 District Report Card, 70 teachers having earned National Board Certification and 91.2% of the teachers returned from the previous year, with an attendance rate of 94.9%. The average salary for a teacher in Chesterfield County is $43,183. In accordance with the Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), all instructional paraprofessionals in Title I schools or targeted assistance programs must also be qualified.   Currently 93.6% of the paraprofessionals in CCSD meet these requirements.


 Unique Features and Challenges Associated with the Community

Reduced funding from the state, economic recession and declining enrollment creates challenges for CCSD in meeting the needs of our students. According to the 2011-2012 South Carolina State Department Data report, Chesterfield County School District’s per-pupil cost total for this reporting period was $9,678, which indicated that our district was ranked 60th in the state. In 2010-2011 CCSD implemented a number of administrative changes to offset budget deficits as well as “freeze” administrative salary and “freeze” all teacher salary step increases. Additional budget cuts from the state level forced the district to absorb a 12% cut from the budget and reduce the number of working retirees at this time. As a result of these general fund deletions and decreases in funding the district continues to overcome the economic downturn from the 2010-2011 school year. In June 2012, Dr. Harrison Goodwin was named Superintendent of Chesterfield County School District. The district is continuing to make adjustments to create a more stable ground and to have an adequate fund balance.

Recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers is a challenge as well. CCSD is working to create a professional learning community that is more aligned to rigorous standards-based curriculum, research-based instructional strategies, extensive professional development, and a comprehensive assessment system that aligns with “Best Practices”. The district focuses on the effectiveness of these components, as well as the alignment and articulation across grade levels.

While challenges exist in our district such as loss of industry across the attendance area, budget crisis, poverty and being located in rural community, we are making progress. We will continue to set high expectations and achieve success with our desire to become a more student centered district.


Summary of Student Performance

According to the 2013 ESEA Federal Accountability System, Chesterfield County School District earned an overall weighted point total of 82.5 with an overall grade conversion of a B. The elementary schools within the district earned total 95.2 (A). Middle schools earned a total of 73.2 (C) and the high schools earned a 77(C). Based on the 2013 ESEA Federal Accountability System two schools within the district were identified as Reward Schools of Performance and one school was identified as a Focus School. In 2013, CCSD Annual District Report Card indicated that the absolute rating for the district improved from Average in 2012 to Good in 2013. The growth rating for the district went from Good in 2012 to Excellent in 2013; this indicates an increase in one level because of substantial improvement in the achievement of historically underachieving groups of students.

The graduation rate for CCSD increased from 77.6% in 2011-2012 to 82.0% in 2012-2013. The spring 2013 HSAP passage rate for all students in the district was 93.7%, End of Course Tests passage rate was 70.4% and the On time Graduation Rate was 82.5%.  


System's Purpose

Chesterfield County School District strives to be a system of distinction not only in student achievement, but also of district operations. In order to create this system of distinction, it is imperative that a mutual vision and common values are encompassed by all individuals, based on the needs of the children, and is in the best interest of the community. The district is at the forefront of educational innovation through the restructuring initiatives taking place in the educational community today. Chesterfield County School District is in the midst of great and exciting educational progress.


The mission of Chesterfield County School District is to prepare all students to be productive citizens in a changing society by continuously improving and implementing educational processes with ongoing community support.


We envision a school district with high expectations and support structures that encourage all students to learn and apply this learning throughout life.

Strategic Goals

According to the 2011/12 to 2015/16 District Strategic Plan Annual Update for year 2012/2013 assurances were given that the superintendent, attest that the district complies with all applicable requirements. The strategic plan is guided by three areas according to the Needs Assessment: Student Achievement (K-2, 3-8 and 9-12), Teacher/Administrator Quality and School Climate. A full viewing of Chesterfield County School District’s Strategic Plan can be found at:

Chesterfield County School District is focused on increasing achievement of all students. The district works to create content area teams with a primary focus on curriculum alignment to current standards. The district supports teachers in the development of benchmarks and pre/post assessments for core subject areas to show progress throughout the school year. CCSD provides consultants to assist with pacing guides and alignment. The district staffs each school with a person whose primary responsibility is curriculum implementation. Chesterfield County School District is working to enhance school readiness for students who enter our 4K/5K programs with existing gaps by: providing kindergarten interventions and assistance in pull out programs during the school day and during the summer, employing certified teachers, provide additional classes for the present 4K child development programs, developing and utilizing assessments that provides data on closing the learning gaps, providing professional development for administrators and teachers on disaggregation of data for the purpose of guiding instruction, offering additional professional development that supports effective literacy and standards-based on early childhood instruction and providing parent workshops to help parents learn how to take an active and supportive role in their children’s education. The district is creating opportunities for effective collaboration and communication to increase student achievement through: monthly newsletters from the district level to include highlights of board meetings, conducting monthly roundtable meetings with principals and instructional leaders, hosting teacher forum, implementing a digital voice calling program district wide, identifying two professional development days for vertical and horizontal articulation and providing parents with training opportunities in using Parent Portal for PowerSchool. Chesterfield County School District also provides professional development and training to increase teacher knowledge and targets increasing student achievement for all students by: instituting administrative teams designed to focus on test data, curriculum, best practices and discipline, providing training and support of best practices, gradual release of responsibility, and the reading process, the creation and development of literacy plans and the implementation of ongoing, targeted professional development opportunities for administrators and teachers in specific academic areas through internal and external instructional coaches.

Chesterfield County School District is focused on employing and retaining highly qualified personnel. The district provides assistance to teachers through workshops, courses and study sessions in becoming highly qualified. CCSD also provides administrative support and guidance to ensure teacher success.

Chesterfield County School District is focused on an educational climate that is effective in teaching and enhances classroom instruction, which will support and extend academic achievement of all students. The district provides professional development for teachers and administrators to address issues related to school climate. Guidance counselors take part in professional development that supports them in their efforts to effectively implement character education. The district provides additional training for culturally responsive education in order to develop awareness and build knowledge as to its relevance and impact on student learning. CCSD is investigating information on issues related to recruitment and retention of a more diverse work force, certified and non-certified, as well as other diversity issues which could affect the achievement of all students. The district also provides parents with educational support nights designed to provide parents with pertinent information, demonstrations and “how to” opportunities with their children. Chesterfield County School District ensures PTO, SIC and other stakeholders are actively involved while serving as a bridge between the community and the schools. CCSD seeks to provide parents with information on various private, state or federal agencies as well as local organizations that offer assistance programs. The district also provides adequate training for volunteers in order to effectively work with students to expand and enhance classroom instruction, which supports and extends student learning, while providing a community role model.

These goals are connected with definite strategies which are not the summation of the district’s focus but do reveal major areas and initiatives that are critical to the success of Chesterfield County School District. As operational goals and plans evolve over time, it is critical that the district continue to build upon the accomplishments of the past and address the matters needing attention so that each student can attain his or her maximum potential.



Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

Chesterfield County School District is proud of numerous accomplishments that are directly related to the Strategic Plan.

According to the South Carolina Department of Education’s 2012-2013 School Report Card Chesterfield County School District earned a “Good” overall rating for the first time since 2004 and an “Excellent” growth rating. The district’s overall rating was .04 from being rated “Excellent.” The district’s index of 3.36 is the highest ever for Chesterfield County. The district high school graduation rate increased from 78.4% to 82.5%. In 2011-2012 the district ranked 45th in the state; in 2012-2013 the rating rose to 32nd

During the 2013-2014 school year five Chesterfield County schools were recognized by the South Carolina State Department of Education’s Palmetto awards program for high achievement.
Cheraw High School, Chesterfield High School, Jefferson Elementary School, McBee Elementary School, and Ruby Elementary School were the schools in the district recognized for either general performance and/or closing the achievement gap.
 Cheraw High won gold awards in both categories, Chesterfield High won a gold award for general performance, Jefferson Elementary earned a gold award in general performance and a silver award for closing the achievement gap, McBee Elementary won silver awards in both categories, and Ruby Elementary earned a gold award for general performance.

Notable Achievements include:

Central High School’s Marine Corps JROTC received a National Rifle Association Grant for two compressed air rifles, over 30,000 pellets and 3100 10 meter air rifle targets; all worth just under $2000.

Chesterfield County School District recently participated in the Chesterfield-Marlboro March for Babies 2013.  The District Goal was $17,750.  With participation from thirteen schools and the district office, this goal was reached and exceeded.

CCSD received the following recognitions at the event for 2013 fundraising efforts:
Jefferson Elementary placed first in the district (over $3600).
Petersburg Primary placed second in the district (nearly $1800).
Petersburg Primary also received the Best New Participant Award.
Ruby Elementary received the Most Improved Team.
Chesterfield County School District received the 2013 Spirit Award.
Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School raised $1400.

Kitt Lisenby, the media specialist at Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School, has been named the South Carolina Media Specialist of the Year by the South Carolina Association of School Librarians.

Cheraw Intermediate School has been awarded the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) At-Risk Student Innovative Competitive Grant in the amount of $283,259.00, to be distributed over the next three years. The General Assembly has provided funding for the South Carolina State Department of Education to be set aside for the Office of Student Intervention Services to support the efforts of this grant.  Cheraw Intermediate School was one of twenty-one schools to be awarded funding for a grant to provide afterschool and summer programming.  Cheraw Intermediate School was awarded the largest funding level in the state.  The focus and overall goal of the “At-Risk Student Innovative Grant” proposal is to raise student achievement, address disparities of students from different socio-economic backgrounds, close racial and ethnic achievement gaps, increase the level of expectations of all students and ultimately reduce dropout rates in school through a well-developed comprehensive, multidimensional and reliable system of learning supports.  The title of the “At-Risk Student Innovative Grant” is Project Changing Course. 

The Chesterfield County chapter of the National Technical Honor Society inducted ninety-three students from the county’s four high schools during a ceremony held at Northeastern Technical College on Feb. 18, 2014.

Petersburg Primary has received a $5,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant for their project, “Growing Inside and Out at Petersburg.”  The grant, written by Grace Baker, with the help of Jennifer Tucker and Monica Tomberlin of the school’s PTO, including plans created by local landscaper Mitchell Jordan, was based on the goal of enhancing the entrance of our school to help the outside of the school to match the welcoming atmosphere found when you enter.

In 2013-2014 Chesterfield County School District named twenty-eight students as Junior Scholars from the four middle schools.

In December 2013, Chesterfield-Ruby Middle chartered Chesterfield’s first Junior Tri-M Music Honor Society and inducted twenty-eight 7th and 8th grade students. The goal of the group is to promote creativity, leadership, advocacy, and service in the school and community through music, while recognizing academic and musical achievement. Creating a chapter at CRMS also represents the belief that the arts are important in education. As part of the Tri-M initiative, the first jazz band was created and students have provided performances during lunch and at local elementary schools.

Twenty one members of the McBee High School FFA Chapter attended National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky in October and received a 2013 National Chapter award from the National FFA Organization. The program recognizes outstanding FFA chapters that successfully encouraged members to grow as individuals, work as teams, and serve others in their communities.

Central High School and Ruby Elementary School both received grants from BI-LO in December of 2013. 
Central received a $5,000 check from the BI-LO Foundation to assist with the school's at-risk students and funding programs like the "8-1/2 Grade" summer program.
Ruby Elementary School received a check for $2,683 through BI-LO’s "SCAN" program to help fund the school's ongoing literacy program by building classroom libraries with new books.

Six members of the Central High Math Team competed in The 37th Pee Dee Regional High School Mathematics Tournament in December 2013 and qualified for the final round among ten Division I’s schools.

The Pride of Chesterfield High, under the direction of Cameron Watkins and Brandon Sanders, finished its 2013 Marching Season by placing 8th at State Finals. Chesterfield Marching Pride had a phenomenal season with Superior ratings at all but one competition, where they received an Excellent rating. Placing 3rd at Lower State with a Superior rating. The Marching Pride is the second smallest 2A band in South Carolina.

The Business Education division of the Career and Technology Education Department at Central High School announced that sixty-two students achieved Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Word during the 2012-2013 school year. 

Robert Bollier, agriscience educator at Cheraw High School in Cheraw, S.C. was selected as the 2013 South Carolina winner of the Agriscience Teacher of the Year award, given by the National Association of Agricultural Educators.     

Central High School Building Construction Instructor Robert Horton has been awarded a   grant of over $1000 from the Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina.


Areas of Improvement

Students scoring MET or Exemplary in grades 3-8 will increase by 5 percentage points as measured by PASS in the areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. (2013/14 school year)*

Students scoring 2, 3 or 4 on HSAP on the first attempt will increase by 5 percentage points. (2013/14 school year)*

End of Course Passage Rate will increase by 5 percentage points across the district.

On-time graduation rate will increase by 5 percentage points across the district.

The percentage of high school students passing both sections of HSAP within 4 years will increase by 5 percentage points. (2013/14 school year)*

Student attendance rate will continue to increase at least 98%.

Student suspension/expulsion rate will continue to decrease by .1% each year.

The percentage of students that are older than usual for their grade will decrease by .5% each year.

The number of core academic teachers who are highly qualified in the appropriate content level as defined by NCLB will continue to increase to reach 100%.

The number of teachers on Annual contracts going through SAFE-T Team evaluation will receive a “Competent” rating will continue to increase to reach 100%.

Teacher attendance rate will increase by .5% each year.

The percentage of parents attending parent teacher conferences will continue to increase to reach 100%.

*This is currently based on Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS). This will be updated once a new assessment tool is determined by the SC Department of Education.

In addition to the performance goals stated in the district strategic plan, plans for enhancement include the area of technology.   Since technology remains an important role in modern industrial society, integrating technology into our schools will help prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We will incorporate technology in the learning process to enhance learning. To ensure that technology is effectively integrated into our schools, we must create a formal technology plan. It is important in developing a technology plan it is integral to the overall school districts improvement. We hope to create an up to date infrastructure to support the demands within the district. Teachers will be trained to incorporate technology for improving and eventually, transforming classroom instruction and the learning experience in Chesterfield County School District.