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ADEPT:  Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching

(updated July 11, 2017)

The ADEPT system is a vital part of the state’s overall teacher quality initiative. In addition to achieving the minimum score or better on appropriate examinations on both content and general teaching area knowledge, as established by the State Board of Education, teachers must successfully complete all ADEPT requirements in order to be eligible to advance to a professional teaching certificate.

As its name implies, the ADEPT system addresses teacher performance through three primary processes: assisting, developing, and evaluating. Since these processes are interrelated, all of them occur in every phase of the career continuum. However, the emphasis placed on each process differs according to the needs and the career stage of the particular teacher. To view the

Expanded ADEPT System Guidelines, go to:

To view the district’s ADEPT Plan for 2017-2018, click here


Induction and Formative Evaluation - New teachers to the profession and from out of state receive assistance during this stage that is designed to promote their successful transition into professional practice and prepare them for summative evaluation during the next phase.  To view the South Carolina’s Induction & Mentoring Implementation Guidelines, go to:

New Teacher Timeline – see below

Induction/AF Lesson Plan Review – click here

Induction/AF Observation of other teachers – click here


SAFE-T (Summative ADEPT for Evaluating Teachers) is the evaluation tool used for classroom-based teachers undergoing summative evaluation.

SAFE-T Timeline - see below

The SAFE-T Guide/Manual and templates can be found at:

NOTE:  CCSD does not use the state’s TT2 and has a revised TT2 called SAFE-T TT2 Lesson Plan, click here for a copy of the revised TT2.

NOTE:  CCSD uses a modified ET3 – SAFE-T Summary, click here


Student Learning Objective/Goal Based Evaluation (SLO/GBE):  The GBE is now incorporated into the SLO under Section IX.

GBE-SLO Timeline - see below

Information on SLO’s can be found at:                                              

For CCSD’s SLO Business Rules and Scoring Rubric - see below

For CCSD's SLO Template - Form X - see below


Library Media Specialist

 LMS Timeline - see below

Forms and LMS’s info:


Speech Language Therapist

SLT Timeline - see below

Forms and SLT’s info:


School Guidance Counselor

SGC Timeline - see below

 Forms and SGC’s info:


Competence-Building Professional Growth & Development Plans

Competence-building professional growth and development plans are appropriate for use with induction-contract teachers as well as with annual-contract teachers who are receiving diagnostic assistance. Competence-building professional growth and development plans may also be appropriate for teachers who are undergoing formal evaluation and for teachers who are participating in goals-based evaluation (GBE) when performance weaknesses have been identified. Competence-building templates for classroom based teachers, SGCs, SLTs, and LMSs can be found at:



Certification and Renewal of Certificate

To view your certification status or questions concerning certification, go to:

For questions concerning the renewal process, go to: and see the following information below:


CCSD Certificate Renewal Plan -  click here

Option forms - see below

Request for change/action form (submit this form to SCDE except for items 1 and 2c.   These requests are handled at the district level and should be sent to the Office of Educator Effectiveness/Teacher Quality) 

Computation worksheet -  click here


Jason Flatt Act

The state requires educators working in a public middle or high school to satisfy the Jason Flatt Act requirements before the Professional Certificate can be renewed. However, our district is requiring that all educators satisfy the Jason Flatt Act Requirements.  Please click below for:


Letter to CCSD educators, Log-in instructions, and Option 6 form (for educators with professional certificates) 


National Board Certification - For information regarding NBC recertification, go to: