District Administrators

Administrator Title Email
Dr. Chan Anderson Superintendent [email protected]
Dr. Tammy Haile Assistant Superintendent [email protected]
Dr. Nikki Miller Hazzard Chief of Human Resources [email protected]
Jamie Brown Director of Transportation and Safety [email protected]
Wayne Wallace Procurement Supervisor [email protected]
Dr. Omoro King Chief of Student Services & Administration [email protected]
Ellen Middleton Coordinator of Federal Programs [email protected]
Reba Powers Director of Food Services [email protected]
Crystal Cutchin Coordinator of Human Resources [email protected]
Dr. Candace Hoffman Chief of Federal Programs [email protected]
Kevin Caskey Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
Jamila Harrington-Hudley Director of Exceptional Children [email protected]
Beth Hough Coordinator of Testing and Accountability [email protected]
Sandra Sowell Director of High Schools [email protected]
Shari Stubbs Chief Academic Officer [email protected]
Beth Suggs Director of Elementary Schools [email protected]
Ova Brown-Gillespie Director of Adult Education [email protected]
Brian Batson Director of Alternative Education [email protected]
Shirleen Johnson Nurse Supervisor [email protected]
Dr. Jason McGuire Coordinator of Information Technology [email protected]
Karen Ellerbe Director of Middle Schools [email protected]
  Director of Maintenance