Employee Self Service



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To check payroll and view your pay stub:

  • From the Payroll Actions tab, click on Check Inquiry.
  • Click on the calendar beside START DATE and go back to the beginning date that you want. Once you click on that date, the checks will come up in the list.
  • Double click on the date of the check you want to see
  • Scroll the screen up or over until you see in the top right corner, on the same line as CHECK DETAIL, the small printer icon – click on it to print.
  • Click on the X beside the printer icon to go back to the home page or use the back arrow.
  • When finished, be sure to sign out of ESS -at the top right of the screen, click on LOG OFF.

Note: Please do not complete and submit Race information. We have this information. It just does not show in ESS.


Instructions for LEAVE BALANCE INQUIRY (to show your leave balance for the previous month).

  • From the Personal Actions tab, click Leave and choose "Leave Balance" or "Leave History".
  • When finished, be sure to sign out of ESS -at the top right of the screen, click on LOG OFF.

Note: Leave balance reflects information posted through the most recent pay period. For example: 01/25/21 is the last check date, then the leave is posted through December.

  • Personal leave comes out of your sick leave balance.
  • Each school year, you can use five Personal days.
  • In Employee Self Serve when you use a Personal day, you will see it come out of your Sick leave balance and out of the Personal leave balance. The date in ESS is the payroll date it was posted, not the absent date. Ex. A day taken in November will be posted on the December check date.
  • The Personal leave balance is just a counter to keep track of how many Personal days you have taken for the school year.
Payroll Actions
1. Tax Withholdings/W-4 – View and change any W-4 information (tax status, allowances, etc.)
2. Enter/Edit Direct Deposit – View, add, and change your personal DD account(s) information
3. Deductions Inquiry – View any state/federal mandatory and voluntary deduction information
4. Earnings Summary – View historical earnings for any tax year since employed
5. Check Inquiry – View, save, and print your check stubs
6. Search by any date range you need
7. Click on the check number to retrieve your check stub
8. Save as a file or print

Document Management
1. View W2 – View, print, and save your W2
a. Tax year 2016 is the first year uploaded to ESS

Click on the Drop-Down Menu below for instructions on REGISTERING with ESS.

1. Go to the district website: www.chesterfieldschools.org
2. Go to Employees> Self Service
3. Click on Register at the top right
4. Create your unique Username
5. Enter any email address you would like (district email is preferred, if assigned)
6. Enter First and Last Name
7. Enter Social Security Number (without dashes)...your SSN is masked for security and will not be used
again. It is needed at registration to retrieve your profile information.
8. Enter your Employee ID Number (Number generated via Personnel at profile set-up; can be obtained
through your school’s office)
9. Create and Confirm your password
Please store your user name and password in a secure location for future access. There is an Account Help
reset tool in the top right of the ESS homepage, if needed in the future.
10. Click Register to submit

**Important: DO NOT attempt to log in following registration. You MUST wait on a confirmation email that
will be sent to the email used during registration. Within that email, you MUST click on the
Confirmation Link BEFORE logging in the first time. Clicking on the link will take you back to the log
in screen. This is an added security feature that verifies that you are the person trying to access your
personal information.