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Junior scholars visit college

Twelve 10th grade Junior Scholars traveled to Limestone College in Gaffney. They were able to tour the campus, meet professors, talk to other scholars in other districts and have lunch in the cafeteria. The Junior Scholars trips are coordinated by the Olde English Consortium. The 9th grade Jr. Scholars will travel to Winthrop on April 18.

CCSD addresses rumor of weapon at school

It has come to our attention that there are rumors of a gun on one of our campuses today. This is only a rumor. To the best of our knowledge there were no weapons on any school campus today. With the recent tragic events in Florida, we want to remind students and parents if you see something say something to school administration or to our sheriff’s office. As always safety is our primary concern.

Cheraw High senior accepted into Winthrop LIFE program

Please congratulate Jesse Dean, a Sr. in the LIFE program at Cheraw High, on his acceptance into the Think College program at Winthrop University. Jesse is now one of two LIFE students from Chesterfield County School District to be accepted into one of the five post secondary programs in our state for students with intellectual disabilities. This is such an accomplishment for not only Jesse and his family but also his teachers, school and district. Way to go Jesse.

District announces make up days

Chesterfield County School District has announced that Feb. 19, March 30, and June 1 are now regular school days to make up for days missed during the year for inclement weather.

State law requires that all districts designate three make up days when the school calendar is adopted, and those three dates were a part of the 2017-18 school calendar adoption in early 2017.

State law does allow for any missed days beyond three to be excused by the local school board, and in a unanimous vote at the February board meeting, the Jan. 17 day missed for snow was excused and will not have to be made up.

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