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Incident at Edwards Elementary leads to lock down

March 8: There was an incident in front of Edwards Elementary School earlier today. Two family members had a domestic dispute, and one was shot by the other. At no time were the parents inside the school. The school went on immediate lockdown and police were present. All staff and students are safe.

Virtual students to remain virtual

As we posted earlier, we will begin transitioning to five days of face to face instruction for all grades next month. Please also know that virtual students will remain virtual even after the transition.
District sets date for return to five days face-to-face instruction Featured Photo

District sets date for return to five days face-to-face instruction

As we continue to monitor Covid conditions within the county, we are preparing to make our final step in returning our middle and high school face-to-face students to a 5 day a week schedule. Our operations and maintenance departments have been preparing with the needed plexiglass materials, as well as, any sanitizing supplies that may be required as we make the transition.

Nomination period for the ALPHA Arts program begins

The nomination period for the ALPHA Arts program has begun. Nomination forms are available at your child’s school or by clicking here [insert link to Art and Music Page]. Nominations are due to art or music teachers no later than Friday, February 12, 2021.