CCSD student-athletes compete in Summer Games

Unified Teams –Devon Litchard (Central High), Wyatt Litchard (New Heights Middle), Shakira Brown (Chesterfield High), Ana Price (Cheraw High Graduate-Unified Partner Lander University), Anna Dean (Adult Unified Partner) and Jesse Dean (Cheraw High Graduate-Winthrop Think College).
Individual Athletes –Shyquez Thomas (Cheraw High), Nathan Gibson (Central High), Ny’Ree Baker (Central High),Tyzier Mumford (Cheraw Intermediate), Kattie Barringer (Central High), and Jamal Barrett (Central High).
Coaches- Adam Mullins (Cheraw Intermediate), Anna Dean (RB Stall High School) ,Ana Price (Lander University), Chandler Thompson (Lander University) Wyella Gaymon (Parent), Joe and Kristi Litchard (Parents) and Sam Price (Area 2 Special Olympics Director). 
Total Medal count for all Area 2 (Chesco teams and CCSD teams) =26
Cheraw High School
Shyquez Thomas Silver

Cheraw Intermediate School
Tyizer Mumford Bronze

Central High School
Ny’Ree Baker Silver
Devon Litchard Bronze
Nathan Gibson Silver
Jamal Barrett Bronze
Kattie Barringer Gold

New Heights Middle
Wyatt Litchard Unified Partner Bronze

Chesterfield High School
Shakira Brown Silver

Lander University
Ana Price Unified Partner Silver

Winthrop Think College
Jesse Dean Gold
Anna Dean Unified Partner Gold
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