CCSD students compete in Fall Games


Unified Teams –Devon Litchard (Central High), Wyatt Litchard (New Heights Middle), Shakira Brown (Chesterfield High), Amy Price (Chesterfield High), Tye Price (Alternate Chesterfield High), Anna Dean (Adult Partner) and Jesse Dean (Cheraw High Graduate-Winthrop Think College).

Traditional Teams –Nikki Hamby (Chesterfield High), Ny’Ree Baker (Central High), Tyzier Mumford (Cheraw Intermediate), and Jamal Barrett (Central High).

Coaches- Chris Price (HMH Partnership Executive), Anna Dean (RB Stall High School),Sadie Miller (Chesterfield High), Bianca Hinson (Long Middle Parent), Valerie Tyson (Central High Parent), Joe and Kristi Litchard (New Heights Middle and Central Parents) and Sam Price (Area 2 Special Olympics Head of Delegation).


Long Middle School

Tyizer Mumford  Bronze

Central High School

Ny’Ree Baker Gold

Devon Litchard Silver

Jamal Barrett Bronze

New Heights Middle

Wyatt Litchard Unified Partner Silver

Chesterfield High School

Nikki Hamby Gold  

Shakira Brown 4th Place Ribbon

Amy Price Unified Partner 4th Place Ribbon Silver

Winthrop Think College

Jesse Dean Silver

Anna Dean Unified Partner Silver

Chesco Area 2 Adult Teams

Volleyball Team 1 Silver

Volleyball Team 2 Silver

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