Cheraw FBLA competes at district level

   Each event is timed and requires much preparation, from studying for a test to creating computer-based projects to present before judges.  Those who placed will have the opportunity to compete at the  State Leadership Conference in Charleston in March.  If you have any questions about our FBLA program, please contact Tambra Watson, Adviser.
Speaking/Performing Events:
Sales Presentation - Shakeria Purefoy (3rd place)
Broadcast Journalism team - Alaijah Snipes, Imari Meeks, Grace Willoughby (4th)
Imprompu Speaking - Eleanor Prevatte (4th)
Graphic Design team - Eric Lin, Nazia Bridges, Trinity Fortenberry
Testing Events:
Advertising - Chloe Joyner (4th)
Health Care Administration - Tristan Moore (1st), Shea Linton (3rd), Jacoria Streater
Business Communications - Emanni Meeks, Lamar Harkless
Business Calculations - Dan Pham (4th)
Organizational Leadership - Azaria Streater
Hospitality Management (team) - Ka'Mia Mungo & Diamond Sinkler (5th)
Those who did not place will have the opportunity to prepare for and compete in a state level event at SLC. 
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