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CCSD food service tackling new challenges

She said that her staff has been especially careful to keep safety in mind while also continuing to prepare and distribute meals daily.
“This process is very different from the regular day to day responsibilities,” says Brown. “Food items include more prepackaged items to decrease risk or exposure to the illness less contact with foods.”
Brown added she has 70 people on her staff working on the bagged meals, as well as about 25 volunteers.
The team so far as prepared nearly 160,000 meals since beginning the service in March.
“This is a national crisis,” Brown says, adding that meals have to be adjusted sometimes due to supply issues. “But even during this situation our menus must meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s required meal pattern.”
Brown said that she is grateful for the hard work of her staff.
“They are very dedicated to our children,” she says. “I could not be any prouder of the staff and their efforts.”
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