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CCSD announces athletic guidelines

We will be selling tickets for athletic contests through the online service GOFAN. This is a cashless purchase app that allows us to cap the number of tickets sold to meet the venue requirements.  We can also “set aside” an allotment for the visitors that, if not sold, can then be allocated to home fans. 
Schools will still be allowed to sell “season passes” but these must be subtracted from the total attendance allowance that will be sold through GOFAN.
Only SCHSL passes will be honored (like playoffs) and even the number of SCHSL passes that will be honored at a contest will be limited.  We will not be able to honor district employee passes or retiree passes since there is no way to predict how many will show up at a given contest.
We can anticipate that our opponents outside the county will have similar ticket restrictions and, in many cases, the “away” allocation may be prioritized for parents of the athletes.
Masks are required for entry at the gate and until seated.  Once seated and distanced, masks can be removed.
We will not exceed 50% capacity in all stadiums and gymnasiums.
There will be a clear bag policy at events. The bags can be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12” × 6” × 12”.   Ticket holders will be required to sit in the bleachers.
Children (8th grade and under) must be accompanied by an adult.
Hand sanitizer will be located at the gates and restrooms.
Only one person is allowed in the restrooms at a time.  This follows the recommendations of the South Carolina High School League. Restrooms will be sanitized at intervals during the contest.
Concessions will only sell prepacked items.
There are no post-game handshakes by teams or fans on the field after the contest.
All spectators must sit in the bleachers.  Fans will not be able to stand on the fence or congregate around the restrooms or concession stands. 
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