PSTA Executive Director honors district TOY

Mrs. Maness, on behalf of the PSTA Board of Directors, presented CCSD District Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Stephanie Ramirez, a banner to commemorate her being named District Teacher of the Year.
PSTA Board of Directors wants to support teachers as well as recognize them for the work they do each day, and one way to do that is to present district teachers of the year with a banner to commemorate their year serving as the district’s Teacher of the Year.
Mrs. Ramirez is the first District Teacher of the Year to receive this banner from PSTA this year.
Mrs. Maness also shared valuable information on advocating for our students and the importance of each teacher’s voice.
"The teacher is the expert. I hope what I said today will help them to empower their teacher voices,” said Mrs. Maness.
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