District to consider two possible calendars, seeks public input

Chesterfield County School District is currently considering two possible calendars for next year and is seeking some public input as well.
If you would like to provide your input, please email [email protected]
The calendars meet state requirements and provide sound instruction for our students. They have taken into account the following:
Traditional Calendar
Students begin on the state-mandated 3rd Monday in August. Students begin August 15.
180 student days
Election Day holiday as required by law
First semester ends January 11 (after winter break).
Long weekends in February and March for students and staff
The school year ends the week after Memorial Day.
Modified Balanced Year Calendar
Allows flexibility from state-mandated start date. Students begin August 1.
180 student days
Election Day holiday as required by law
First semester ends December 16 (prior to winter break).
Intercession weeks for enrichment and remediation in October and March
Intercession weeks allow for mid-semester break each semester.
The school year ends the week before Memorial Day.
Both Calendar Options
October 17, 2022 is set aside for a staff development day.
Election Day, November 8, 2022 is a required holiday.
Monday, January 16, 2023, Martin Luther King Day, is a required state holiday.
Easter is on April 9, 2023. If Spring Break is to coexist with Easter it will need to be April 10th – 14th .
The district must set aside NO LESS than 3 Inclement Weather Days for makeup.
In 2018-19 state law requires that all state testing be completed during the last 20 days of school. Inclement Weather Makeup Days may not be counted as part of the 20-day window.
Summer Reading Camps must run for a minimum of 4 weeks to meet the required hours of instruction.
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