CRMS Engineering Challenge Teams competes in the 2023 SC 4-H Engineering Challenge

The Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School Engineering Challenge Teams traveled to the State Fairgrounds in Columbia, South Carolina, on March 1st, to compete in the 2023 South Carolina 4-H Engineering Challenge. This event provides an opportunity for students, ages 9 to 18, to have fun and demonstrate their science, technology, engineering, and math skills to solve challenging engineering problems.

A total of 28 students participated in the Bridge Building Challenge, Mystery Challenge, Robotics Challenge, and Rocketry Challenge. In the senior division (ages 14 – 18) the Robotics Team of Savannah Gunter, Lila Moose, and Jobeth Rushing won 1st place for Senior Division Highest Overall Score and 1st place for Highest Competition Score. Sawyer Cassidy and Rivers Watson won the 1st place Robotics Teamwork Award in the junior division (ages 9-13). Austyn Arant, Kaitlyn Dube, Zander Wagner, DJ Lamb, Carla Presnell, Trey Brock, Eli Brumbles, Judy Ramirez Garcia, and Kyla Vick received participation ribbons as members of the 4 remaining Robotics teams. Our Rocketry Teams comprised of only 6th grade students won 2nd and 3rd place for the junior division. The 2nd place Rocketry trophy went to Alexis Redmond, Aiden Walls, and Baker Watson. Drew Najera, Easton Sellers, Preston Shaw, and Thorn White won the 3rd place trophy. Participation ribbons were awarded to our remaining Rocketry Team of Daysha Gillespie, Alyssa Johnson, and Skylar Ratliff. Our Bridge Building and Mystery Challenge team members, Antwon Hubbard, Maddi Moree, Ava Mattison, and Camilla Powell also received participation ribbons.