A Letter to Middle/High School Parents from the Superintendent

Dear Middle and High School Parents:

When all of Chesterfield County schools are safe, orderly, and free of disruptions; our school leaders have the best opportunities to lead, our teachers have the best opportunities to teach, and our support staff have the best opportunities to provide support.

The above conditions must exist to ensure that your child is growing academically and reaching his or her full potential.

I believe that your child and every student deserve the right to be in school, feel safe, and learn without disruptions. To endorse this type of learning environment and culture in our middle schools and high schools, we will continue this year to take a stance against (1) fighting, (2) inciting a fight, and (3) gang attacks. If it is confirmed that a middle school or high school student participated or demonstrated in any of these three misbehaviors, he or she will be transported to the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department by the School Resource Officer. While there, the student will be under the supervision of a law enforcement officer while waiting to be picked up by his or her parent, detained, or sent to the Department of Juvenile Justice. Though the child will be afforded an Administrative Hearing, he or she will not have the opportunity to return to his or her school for the remainder of the school year.


Please review and discuss the terms and definitions below with your child as well as the above-mentioned potential consequences.

FIGHTING:  An incident involving two or more students with mutual physical contact, such as, but not limited to hitting, kicking, throwing, biting, or punching.

INCITING A FIGHT:  Inciting or causing others to have a physical confrontation or fight.

GANG ATTACK:  Two or more students attack, threaten, or intimidate another student.



If you or your child has any information about an impending fight, someone who recorded a fight, and/or someone who is inciting a fight or gang attack at any of our schools, please email and report the information using the appropriate email address below:






All middle and high school administrators will be visiting each classroom to share this information with all students at the beginning of each quarter.

Thank you for partnering with us as we do our best to provide a safe and orderly learning environment for your child and all students in Chesterfield County School District.




Chan Anderson, Ed.D.


Chesterfield County School District