Robker Named Rookie Educator of the Year

Mrs. Robker’s administrators wrote:

As an SLP experiencing her first year in the public-school setting, Mrs. Robker has shown the ability to first plan and then accurately interpret the needs of her students.  She creates unique activities specifically designed to target student goals and facilitate motivation and participation.  In addition, she actively solicits guidance and input from experienced educators in her field.  Mrs. Robker is always positive in interactions with students and colleagues and demonstrates a “team player” mindset.  She willingly jumps in to help administrators and others with school duties and events. 

When thinking of Mrs. Robker, the words "amazing educator" come to mind.  She is goal-driven and has an inner drive to be the best professional possible.  She has a deep knowledge level of her pedagogy.  Daily, she creates lessons that are interesting and challenging to advance students to the next level.  She is respectful and, in turn, is respected by colleagues, students, and parents.  Mrs. Robker is a shining light at our school and we are proud to have her as a team member.   

Congratulations, Mrs. Robker!