Outdoor classrooms offering new approach to learning

With subjects ranging from tree identification and life found in and around ponds to learning how to identify native tree species and the skulls of a large number of animals, the naturalists and students were able to use different ecosystems found at Southern 8ths Farm to get an up close look at the science of nature. Josh Arrants, naturalist at Southern 8ths Farm, sums it up like this, “Nature, you see, is a tactile classroom and this was a key component to the success of this educational program. It is one thing to hear about aquatic insects and amphibians living beneath the muddy waters of a farm pond. It is another thing, entirely, to wade into the mud and find Leopard Frogs sitting just below the surface of the water and the nymph stage of a Green Darner dragonfly swimming around as it seeks prey.” Hands-on learning was the order of the day for everyone in attendance.
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