Distinguished reading teachers recognized

The following teachers were nominated to represent their schools:


Cheraw Primary-Tish Hitesman

Petersburg Primary-Terry Huntley

Ruby Elementary-Amy Wallace

Edwards Elementary-Amy Carter

Plainview Elementary-Ann Beasley

Jefferson Elementary-Toni Allison

McBee Elementary-Melissa Winburn

Cheraw Intermediate-Candace Godfrey

Pageland Elementary-Nancy Wagnon

Chesterfield Ruby Middle-Cheryl Jordan

New Heights Middle-Louanne Smith

Long Middle School-Terri Garrell

McBee High School-Melissa Hicks

Central High School-Mark Black

Chesterfield High School-Ashley Stancil

Cheraw High School-Brooke Rohleder



Four of these teachers represented Chesterfield County at the Pee Dee International Reading Association fall meeting.  They were Amy Carter, Tish Hitesman, Terri Garrell, and Melissa Hicks.  They created displays to showcase the outstanding work in their classrooms and to highlight the best practices related to literacy. After a selection process which included interviews by representatives of the PDIRA, I am pleased to announce that the Pee Dee Distinguished Reading Teacher representing secondary schools is Melissa Hicks.  She is also named the Chesterfield County Distinguished Reading Teacher. Melissa  is a seventh  grade teacher at McBee High School.  She will represent our district at the SCIRA conference in February.  All of our Distinguished Reading Teachers will be recognized at the November School Board meeting.


Please congratulate all of these teachers on this accomplishment!  They are all wonderful examples of Distinguished Reading Teachers and are outstanding representatives for their schools.

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