New Heights, Central teacher honored

Geoffrey Mack of New Heights Middle School in Chesterfield County was nominated by his former student, Diana Gomez-Barragan, and was recognized at the event as an “inspirED teacher.” According to Gomez-Barragan, Mack “believed in me when no one else did, and he taught me to believe in myself and work hard to achieve my goals.” She goes on to say, “he has been a role model to me since day one and I owe him a great deal.” Mack’s work reflects a larger movement that is highlighted in the documentary Beyond Measure, which was shown at the event following the teacher recognition program.

Beyond Measure follows public schools across the country as they seek innovative alternatives to the high-stakes education culture of America today. Director Vicki Abeles says, “In making Beyond Measure, I set out to tell a new narrative: one that uplifts and leads by example. A story that showcases the courageous, enterprising and innovative educators, students and parents who are forging a new path, and unleashing the true human potential of our students as they do so.”

This event was hosted in partnership with the Palmetto State Teachers Association and the Lily Sarah Grace Foundation.