Chesterfield County School District celebrates School Board Recognition Month

The theme “School Boards Stand Up 4 SC Public Schools” recognizes the important roles school boards play in promoting and advocating for quality education. School board members are elected/appointed by the people in their local communities to represent their voice and to ensure the success of schools and students.

“The efforts of school board members often go unrecognized,” says Dr. J. Harrison Goodwin.  “This month we honor the year-round commitment that school board members make to our district and the community.”

In Chesterfield County School District, school board members develop policies and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues impacting the entire community. They bear responsibility for an annual budget of $73 million, 7200 students, 1100 employees and 19 buildings.

As a part of School Board Recognition Month, Chesterfield County School District board members participated in an official signing of the South Carolina School Board Member Ethical Principles during their January school board meeting. By signing the principles, school board members publicly vowed to uphold effective governance principles and pledged to improve public education in their community.

The men and women serving Chesterfield County School District and their years of service are:

Wesley Miles, Chairman (10 years of service)

Darin Coleman, Vice Chair (6 years of service)

Eric Dusa, Board Secretary (4 years of service)

Kim Burch (10 years of service)

Wayne Chapman (4 years of service)

James Sweeney (32 years of service)

Robert Teal (1st year of service)

Chad Vick (12 years of service)

Jamie Wayne (8 years of service)

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