District food service staff participates in training sessions

Training was provided by Eileen Staples, Executive Director, Certified Chef Tim Page and Chef Eric Huff.  Training included classroom instruction and in the kitchen to practice the lessons learned.  Each day the staff prepared entrees, soups, and vegetables per the techniques discussed during the training.    

On day one, the students learned basic knife skills, vegetable identification, and vegetable cooking methods.  They also prepared the cut vegetables needed for recipes needed on day two. 

On the second day, topics covered included use of herbs and spices, seasoning and marinades and balancing flavors, and proper techniques for soup and salad preparation.  Training teams followed recipes and were able to adjust recipes to alter the flavors with herbs and spices. 

On the third day objectives included cooking techniques and how heat alters and affects foods, applying proper cooking methods to food groups and proper seasoning and garnishes for “flavor profiles”. 

On the final day, the teams were allowed to create their own recipes. 

School administration, students, community members and staff were able to taste the foods prepared daily by the Food Service Staff.  The Resurrection Restoration Center of Florence, SC, a Homeless shelter for Men, were given all the remaining food prepared by the Food Service teams.    

Forty-three experienced and newly hired Food Service Staff participated in the program.  Students included:  Robin Bailey,  Bobbie Baldwin, Cherilyn Baldwin, Patrice Baldwin, Linda Belk, Virginia Blakeney, Kismet Briggs, Rhonda Brock, Aleshia Burn, Mary Chappell, Minnie Chapman, Kailyn Clark, Barbara Curtis, Denise Davis, Mattie Teresa Dixon, Elsie Ford, Helen Funderburk, Erica Gaskins, Debra Griggs, Jennifer Gulledge, Michelle Hancock, Kathleen James, Belinda Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, Tiffany Joplin, Judy Leidig, Jeanette Linton, Vickie Massey, Vivian McBride, Verdia McClung, Priscilla Miller, Cheryl Morris, Mirandy Munn, Geraldine Murvin, Loretta Parham, Rebecca Perdue, Teresa Polston, Windy Riley, Carolyn Rogers, Addie Simpson, Rhonda Soden, Brenda Spann, and Joy Welch.

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