Chesterfield County School District

Local teacher honored by the Wiggins School of Education

Teacher candidates have consistently given positive feedback regarding Mrs. Lisenby’s mentorship. The faculty and staff of the Wiggins School of Education presented Mrs. Lisenby with the award at the fall dinner honoring supervising teachers. Shay Pierce, Director of Education Internship Programs for the Wiggins School of Education, says, “We are extremely fortunate to partner with schools that employ high quality and experienced teachers and who are welcoming of our teacher candidates. Mrs. Lisenby is one such teacher who kindly hosts teacher candidates and supports them through her encouragement and mentoring. Feedback from teacher candidates who have worked with Mrs. Lisenby underlines her commitment to education. They are very complementary of how she welcomes them to her classroom, utilizes teaching and learning strategies, and fosters their development as well as that of her students.
Teacher candidates have stated that she inspires and teaches them and reminds [them] why they want [to become teachers]. Comments are often made about how she assists them in gain[ing] more competencies and how to make learning fun for the students.
Ms. Beth Suggs, principal of Edwards Elementary School, says “Mrs. Lisenby is a highly-motivated individual with an innate gift to build positive relationships with her students and their parents. She incorporates many innovative practices into her classroom. The structure and consistency she exhibits demand the best from all her students. She is a strong disciplinarian, but also demonstrates extreme sensitivity to the needs of her students. She eagerly tackles any task that is bestowed upon her with dedication and commitment.”
"We are truly thankful for all of our school partners who work with our teacher candidates during their field and clinical experiences. Mrs. Lisenby is indeed a wonderful influence for her students and for our Coker College students. We so appreciate what she and Principal Suggs do for the field of education!" says Dr. Karen Carpenter, Dean of the Wiggins School of Education. 
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