CCSD teacher honored by Coker College

Shay Pierce, Director of Education Internship Programs for the Wiggins School of Education, states, “We are extremely fortunate to have such high quality and experienced teachers who welcome our interns in their classrooms.  Ms. Rogers is one such teacher who has been instrumental in molding our students through her cooperation and amazing mentoring. Teacher candidates consistently provide positive feedback on their internships with her. Glowing comments are made regarding how she assists them in connecting what they learn in their college classes to implementing those strategies and theories in the classroom to assist students’ success.”
Teacher candidates have stated that they have “learned so much through the field experience[s] [with Ms. Rogers]” and that she “made [the teacher candidate] feel as though [the teacher candidate] was a fellow teacher and not a college student”  Comments are often made about how teacher candidates observe many lab experiments and learn through Ms. Rogers how to make them enjoyable and enriching for students.
Ms. Melisa Little, principal of Cheraw Primary School, stated “Ms. Stephanie Rogers is a distinguished educator who is known for her innovation, creativity, and keen knowledge of best practices that ignite her students. She is a highly motivated individual with an innate gift to build positive relationships with students and parents. Ms. Rogers is dedicated to the profession and ascribes to the belief that all students can learn. The students in the classroom learn because of her high expectations for everyone.
Ms. Stephanie Rogers is an outstanding professional who is most dedicated to serving as a facilitator for learning for her students and colleagues. She is an instructional leader who is dedicated to the improvement of student achievement. She eagerly tackles any task that is bestowed upon her with dedication and commitment. Ms. Rogers is an exemplary employee who is most deserving of this prestigious recognition.”
"We are truly thankful for all of our school partners who work with our teacher candidates during their field and clinical experiences. Ms. Rogers is indeed a wonderful influence for her students and for our Coker College students. We so appreciate what she and Principals Melisa Little and Scott Eddins do for the field of education!" states Dr. Karen Carpenter, Dean of the Wiggins School of Education.

Picture details: from left to right: Melissa Little, Principal of Cheraw Primary School; Stephanie Rogers, Wiggins School of Education's Educator of the Year 2018 and Assistant Principal of Cheraw Intermediate School; and Scott Eddins, Principal of Cheraw Intermediate School.
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