Student Health Services

Medication Policy:

Chesterfield County School District requires a permission form for the administration of all prescription and non-prescription medications. The forms are attached below and at each individual school. All medications must be delivered to the school nurse or other designated school employee by the student's parent, legal guardian or another designated adult over the age of 18. All medications except those students who have proper written orders to keep medications with them, will be maintained in the health room. Some staff members will be trained to assist with routine medications as needed as well as how to administer emergency medications in accordance with the student’s medical order.


Prescription Medications:

·         Prescription medications requires both parental and physician orders/authorization.

·         All medications will be administered as prescribed by the physician.

·         Medications can only be given at the time prescribed by the doctor for school use.

·         If your child forgets to take a morning dose of medication, school nurses cannot administer that dose at school. However, parents will be allowed to come to the health room to give the missed dose of medication.

·         Prescription medications must be in the original container and labeled by the pharmacist.


Over the Counter Medications:

·         Over the counter medications must have parental consent and be in the original unopened container.

·         The medication will be administered per the manufacturer’s label instructions only.


Self-Medicate Self Monitor:

  • Students with appropriate self-carry/self-monitor forms will be allowed to keep their medications per policy.
  • If there is evidence that students who self-monitor or self-medicate could possibly cause injury to the student or others, the school district may refuse to allow the student to self-carry his/her medication

All medication forms are all available online and at each school.


Contacting Parents

Students who come to the health room are assessed and returned to class as soon as possible if no abnormalities are found. Students are encouraged to remain in school unless sick or injured. Students are excluded per the DHEC Exclusion List. Also, as a courtesy, school nurses may notify a parent if your child visits the health room, but unless her assessment reveals that it is an emergency, or your child is ill, this is not a requirement. It is very important to report to your school nurse any illnesses or medical conditions your child has that may require medical support during the school day. If your child experiences an emergency or needs immediate care that cannot be provided at school and a parent cannot be reached, emergency contacts will be notified in your absence. It is very important to notify your school immediately if your contact information changes.


If you have questions or concerns about your child’s health or school nursing services, please contact your school nurse.

Palmetto Learning Center
Shirlean Johnson, RN
District Nurse Supervisor