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News and Announcements

CCSD announces instructional update

Nov 6: We would like to remind you of some important information related to upcoming schedules for our face-to-face instruction students.

CRMS students honored

Two students from Chesterfield-Ruby Middle School were honored at the Virtual School Board Meeting this month for being identified by the Duke University Talent Identification Program’s (7th grade Talent Search).

CCSD announces athletic guidelines

In preparation for the upcoming athletic season in Chesterfield County School District, we will be implementing guidelines and procedures for all spectators. These guidelines are to maintain a safe environment for our stakeholders. We look forward to the upcoming athletic events and appreciate the support of Chesterfield County.

District looking for Jessie Williams Little “Leading the Way” Award nominations

This award recognizes a South Carolina teacher who has made a significant impact as a mentor to future or beginning teachers as they pursue the path to excellence in the classroom. Through selfless efforts to support others as they develop their skills as teachers, the recipient of this award contributes to the profession by making a positive difference in the work of a school and in the academic success of students. “Leading the Way” recipients hold great promise as advocates for change in how the teaching profession is perceived by local and state communities.

Hybrid schedule to continue

Due to the latest South Carolina DHEC incidence report, Chesterfield County School District will remain in an A/B hybrid model for the weeks of September 21 and September 28. Please carefully review the table emailed to you which indicates your child/children days of attendance. The week of the 21st cohort A will attend on Wednesday, September 23rd in addition to their Monday and Thursday. The week of the 28th cohort B will attend on Wednesday, September 30th in addition to their Tuesday and Friday. Thank you for your cooperation in working with us.

Hotspot updates

Chesterfield County School District, along with other districts, is experiencing issues with the Verizon mobile hotspots purchased by the State for our families who meet the eligibility criteria.

We have spent countless hours powering around 200 of the thousands of hotspots we received, and most of them seem to have picked up the enrollment… but have stopped pulling down the Mobile Device Management policy we built in the Verizon MDM portal. We have been communicating with Verizon via phone and email trying to get assistance needed to speed up the process.
Our goal was to begin issuing these hotspots (along with their Chromebooks) this week and next week to families who meet the eligibility criteria; however, we CANNOT issue these hotspots without the proper safeguards and policies on them.
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