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Back to School Dates announced

Chesterfield County School District, after receiving official approval for the Back to School plan from the state department, has now officially set the start of school calendar’s important dates.

Teachers and other 190-day employees will return on Aug. 17, and Northeastern Technical College Dual Credit enrolled students will also begin those courses on Aug. 17.

July 20 board meeting to be live streamed

The July 20 Chesterfield County School Board meeting will be livestreamed on our Youtube channel. The link is
You can also see the agenda for the meeting at

Announcement on safely re-opening schools

Our district has been working on a safe re-opening plan for students and staff over the course of the last 8 weeks.
As many of you know, I was the superintendent representative on the state’s AccelerateED task force. I have also been serving on behalf of the state superintendent on a multi-state task force on re-opening of schools. Through these experiences, I have learned that in our current situation you need to not only make plans but also plan how you can change the plan.
On Monday July 20, the administration will be presenting more details to the school board on our re-opening strategies. I would share with you that as the Governor and the State Department of Education allow, we are implementing as many safeguards as possible. I will acknowledge that some of the most recent guidance by the Governor has made this task more complicated but we will meet the challenge.
I will assure you that this school year we will have a face to face model of instruction as well as a virtual model of instruction for families who wish to choose that option.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to insure a safe re-opening for our students and staff.

J. Harrison Goodwin Ed.D.
Chesterfield County Schools


Our SCDHEC disease activity rating placed Chesterfield County in the “medium risk” category last week. We were one of only seven counties in the state who had a “medium” rating. All others were in the “high risk” category.
Superintendents from across the state are to meet with Superintendent Spearman this Thursday where we are expected to get additional guidance from the SDE and SCDHEC as we get closer to reopening. The school board will review a plan for a reopening strategy, hopefully by the end of this coming week, and prior to public release.
We appreciate your patience as we use all of the input and data to make informed plans for our students and staff.

District to 'pause' athletic conditioning programs

Chesterfield County School District will be postponing all athletic conditioning activities until after the July 4 break, when the district will study any new information regarding COVID-19 in the county and reassess if it is safe to resume athletic conditioning.
The South Carolina High School League, the governing body of public school athletics in the state, has been allowing athletic conditioning but under specific rules and parameters.
Again, this is a "pausing" of activities for now until the district administration can look at the COVID-19 data within the county after the break to determine if and when it is safe to resume conditioning programs.

Important 2020 Census information

We hope that your summer has started peacefully. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage all households to complete the 2020 Census. The Census is an important factor in funding for all phases of government in Chesterfield County.
If you have not received the 2020 Census in the mail you may go to Chesterfield County School District website and follow the link or go to

Teacher of the year finalists announced

Chesterfield County School District recently announced the three finalists for the district's Teacher of the Year.
The finalists are Gail Crawford, Ruby Elementary; Jeya John, Chesterfield-Ruby Middle; and Maggie Davis McBee High School.
The district's Teacher of the Year will be announced later this year.

Cheraw High students earn certification

Cheraw High School students Joanna Moran and Keil Samonte recently passed their national Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Word Expert 2016.
"They had worked hard preparing for this test during the semester and didn't let COVID keep them from earning their certification," says Cheraw High teacher Tambra Watson.
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